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"Each year, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) implements rigorous test security protocols as a means of protecting the integrity of statewide assessment results. Since the spring of 2017, the LDOE has partnered with Caveon to place highly-trained Caveon monitors in the most at-risk schools. These monitors provide real-time monitoring feedback via Caveon Core™. Caveon Core provides the only real-time view into testing rooms, therefore allowing the LDOE to quickly address concerns."

— Bryan Gendron, Louisiana Department of Education


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If you’re working to build a defensible assessment program that produces reliable results, you know you must meet Peer Review requirements by assembling a site monitoring plan that works for you. A monitoring program is vital for understanding if test security policies are being implemented effectively, because the only way to really know what is happening inside a testing room is to be there when it happens. 

However, monitoring test administration can be both challenging and overwhelming if you don’t yet have the experience to know whether you’re adhering to best practices or making the most efficient use of your resources.

At Caveon, test security is our core business, and quality monitoring programs are essential to our mission. To that end, Caveon offers four different types of monitoring solutions, all backed by experience and expertise. Tailored to suit your unique circumstances, we take your budget, personnel, and security needs into account while building your unique solution

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Monitoring Training
  • Monitoring Protocols
  • Best Practice Consultations

To learn more about about how Caveon can help you with your test administration monitoring, please contact us for a free consultation or visit our website