Caveon AIG is the most cost-effective way to rapidly expand your item pool. With Caveon, you can harness the power of SmartItems™, making it possible to generate thousands of unique and secure items at the push of a button. Plus, Caveon AIG items work with any development and delivery system you use⁠, and coding isn't required.

Caveon uses a sleek Graphical User Interface (GUI), and requires less training time for your item writers. Reduced training time means more productive development, and more productive development leads to longer-lasting item pools, which means fewer security concerns and higher cost savings.

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Caveon is the only organization dedicated to eliminating test fraud. With a proven track record of introducing innovative new technologies that help our clients secure and enhance their exams, we're able to protect every type of assessment program:

  • Certification programs
  • State departments of education
  • School districts
  • Universities
  • And more

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